“You are an artist without art. You were created to create.” These words of self-discovery were loud in the soul of Todd B. Waldo some years ago. The truth of that revelation moved him to commit to capturing as many moments as he could from his life in his poetry. This collection is the fruit of those efforts. These poems share his heart for faith, family, love and the wisdom gained from the success and failure that fill his life. His work has been featured in various venues over the years and each time his passion and energy has captured the audience. As he “pours the oils of words,” there is a salving effect that persists beyond the finale. The same effect can be felt as you read and meditate on the poems featured in this collection. Let these poems inspire you to express in your daily living what you value most. Let these poems give you strength as you struggle through the pain of the journey. Let these poems give you hope as you look forward toward your promised future.